Is it true ? Crispy vegetables and fruits have all the Nutritional value.

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Trend of crispy vegetables and fruits It continues to be strong because it is a delicious and addictive snack. Crunchy texture People who don’t like to eat vegetables can still eat them. It is often debat whether it is as beneficial as fresh fruits and vegetables or not? Of course, it’s not the same. But how do you eat to get fiber? More vitamins It can be done. You must first understand that Crispy Vegetables and Fruits It is consider a method of preserving food. Because it goes through a production process by taking fruits and vegetables through a process of drying by freezing (Freeze Dry) or vacuum frying. 

Even though they are the same crispy vegetables and fruits, they do not have the same benefits and nutritional value. Most crispy vegetables sold in the market come in two types: freeze drying and vacuum frying. Compar to the first type of drying, Or freeze drying is consider a relatively modern method. and will help maintain more nutritional value in fruits and vegetables.

  • Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, or Freeze drying, is the process of freezing fruits and vegetables in a vacuum system at 0 degrees and going through a sublimation process until the ice turns into vapor. Causes more water loss in fruits and vegetables than traditional drying methods. while various structures Fruits and vegetables still have the same shape, โปรโมชั่น ufabet, smell, color, and taste as before. and is crispy This method will help extend the life of food for up to 25 years or more while maintaining more than 90% of the nutritional value. It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Vacuum frying is the process of frying fruits and vegetables at normal temperature under vacuum with low air pressure. Using a low temperature of 60-80 degrees, which will allow the water in fruits and vegetables to evaporate more than other forms of frying. This helps preserve food quality, including aroma, color, taste, and maintains nutritional value better than frying at high heat. They are also crispy and less oily.

It can be seen that freeze drying does not involve the frying process. So it’s oil-free. While vacuum frying still contains oil as a component. Even though it absorbs less oil than other frying methods with normal pressure or high pressure.

Freeze-dried crispy fruits and vegetables have more nutritional value than vacuum-fried ones. They also have fewer calories because they do not contain oil. However, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is still the best choice of all. This is because the freeze-drying process causes some nutrients to decompose, such as vitamin C and folic acid. 

Additionally, even water and moisture are absorb away, making it much lighter. But the amount of sugar in the fruit pulp will remain the same. This puts you at risk of high sugar intake if you accidentally eat too much. Especially diabetic patients must be especially careful. You should limit the amount to 1 portion at a time (about ½ cup) and choose fruits that have little sugar. 

Vacuum fried crispy vegetables contain less nutrients than dry-freeze and contain more oil. But compared to regular fried snacks on the market, they are still better. Because it can retain the taste of many nutrients and has fewer calories It is consider a better option than other junk foods. When you feel like eating fried food.