Disease brain and nervous system that is inherited

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Disease brain and nervous system that is inherited

  • Those who have symptoms of diseases that are often found in the elderly at a young age, such as Alzheimer’s.
  • Those who have symptoms of the disease that are not similar to those that are normally seen, such as unexplained seizures. or not responding to anticonvulsants
  • Children with slow development or growth or abnormal growth of the head
  • People with abnormal body movements
  • People with vision or hearing problems related to the nervous system
  • Those who have a family history of the disease, including parents, siblings, or children.

Why do we have to test for genes for brain diseases caused by inheritance?

  • for diagnosis in people with symptoms of the disease
  • to know the likelihood of developing the disease in the future
  • for planning to have children for married couples
  • Help select healthy embryos. when using reproductive technology
  • to assess the fetus For pregnant mothers
  • examination in newborns
  • to study appropriate treatment guidelines in people with the disease

comparison between People with normal and abnormal genes of brain and nervous system diseases

1. Factors that cause brain and nervous system diseases

people with normal genes

  • getting older
  • certain infections 
  • lifestyle 
  • food 
  • alcoholic beverages 
  • smoking 
  • Other co-morbidities

People with the abnormal gene
have an increased risk of those without the abnormal gene. by receiving a small factor can provoke abnormal symptoms Or there may be symptoms without additional stimulating factors.

2. The age at which diseases such as Alzheimer’s are often found.

People with normal genes  : found in older people, such as Alzheimer’s, Alzheimer’s, memory loss
People with abnormal genes  : found in young people, such as Alzheimer’s or genetic diseases. Which when born cannot cure.

3. The severity of the disease.

People with normal genes  : usually have severe symptoms. or cannot treate with conventional treatment.
People with abnormal genes  : the severity of the disease does not depend on the provoking factors. Sometimes there’s only a small motivating factor. or even without any stimulating factors It can cause severe symptoms even at a young age. Report from https://ufabet999.com