Carragher is confused by the Premier League decision to appeal to Everton.

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Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has questioned the Premier League. As to why the outcome of Everton’s appeal over the 10-point deduction has not yet revealed.

    The Toffees were hit with a points deduction for violating the league’s financial and sustainability rules. This is consider to be the harshest sentence in the history of England’s top flight. Despite working closely with the league. He was found guilty. which the club stated that they felt “Disappointed and shocked” by the harsh punishment ทางเข้า UFABET 

    The Premier League was widely condemned by pundits and politicians across the country. With the culture, media and sports departments demanding immediate clarification of the decision. While Everton immediately appealed that week and had a three-day trial. The date was 2 weeks ago with a decision due in February.

    As Everton awaits a final decision, Carragher has questioned the Premier League’s delay in the matter.

    “What is withholding from the decision to appeal the 10-point deduction from Everton?” Carragher posted on X.

    “It’s two weeks. This is an urgent matter for Everton and the clubs around them. I am sure they and the Premier League know their decision by now.”

“The club will continue to closely monitor decisions in other cases related to Premier League financial rules. Everton will be unable to comment further until the appeal has completed.” the Toffees concluded.