Haaland & Odegaard What has on the rise of Norwegian football 

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Haaland & Odegaard What has on the rise of Norwegian football.

Besides acne and blemishes It’s clearly Erling Braut Haaland and Martin Odegaard.

The first one started making a name with Molde before going to level up with Red Bull Salzburg and then upgrading to Borussia Dortmund until now. He has become a great player. Demon hunts nets The Premier League’s best striker with Manchester City.

Super swinger Ringo Etobump since 2019/20 scored a total of 44 goals with 2 clubs (Salzburg + Dortmund) and later scored 41 goals in 41 games. With Dortmund 2020/21, as you all know, in his first year in a Manchester City shirt, Haaland scored 52 goals from 53 matches before this season already provided 17 goals from 18 games. Report from ufabet https://ufabet999.com

As for the Norwegian national team, Haaland has scored 27 goals from 29 matches.

Just 6 more goals will become a goal. The nation’s “all-time leading scorer”…that will definitely come soon.

Haaland’s virtues are actually very worthy of the award. For best footballer in the world, “Ballon d’Or 2023,” which was just given out last month. The owner of the award, Lionel Messi, issued his own guarantee saying, “Wait a moment, you’ll get it.” It’s just that this year, I have the world champion to take advantage of.

At the same time, he may not be as boisterous as his friends, but Martin Odegaard has also passed the test as Arsenal ‘s captain and one of the Premier League’s best creative midfielders.

Even though signing a contract with Real Madrid at the age of 16 was a failure, And it was whispere that it was a marketing deal. But Odegaard proved himself so successful that Real Madrid secretly regretted releasing him to Arsenal in exchange for 35+5 million euros and players. Plays better than the price.

Last season, when Arsenal stepped up to challenge for the full Premier League championship, Odegaard was in brutal form with 15 goals and 7 assists, and that standard has continued into the season. Today, there are 5 goals and 1 assist.

All of this cast This is the part that emphasizes that the quality of Haaland & Odegaard’s talents are already top-notch — guaranteed by the 2023 Ballon d’Or, where Haaland comes in as number 2, while Odegaard comes in at number 28.

I can’t imagine that either. When was the last time two Norwegian players were on the Ballon d’Or chart at the same time? Or has it ever happened?