Kane encourages the team to still have a second match to make amends.

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Bayern Munich striker Harry Kane encourages the team to continue to turn around their performance and is confident. That the team still has a chance in the second football match.

The Southern Tigers, who were down to 10 men. lost to Lazio 0-1 in the first match of the Champions League Round of 16 on Wednesday night. The second match will take place on March 5th.

“It’s been a really bad week (losing to Bayer Leverkusen and most recently Lazio).” the England striker told TNT Sports.ทางเข้า UFABET 

“We started well and had a chance to inform, mine one and Jamal (Musiala) and Josh (Kimmick) in these games. That kind of moment was a crucial moment that we couldn’t seize.

“The second half was disappointing. We go down with less energy and confidence. Lost a lot of balls It’s always hard work when you’re down to 10 players. We’re still in the competition and they have to play at our home. We have to look forward and try to turn the tide of the game.

“They were the moments I wanted (Muller hit the ball back early in the first half but Kane fired over the bar) and I leaned back and shot. That’s football and being part of the striker. You made a mistake and it happened again. 

“The important thing for me and the team is to focus on the next match. We are in difficult times. There’s nothing to hide. We are not eliminated yet and will not give up. Just one turning point can change everything a lot. And we must try to find that.”